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Authorities Shutdown Alleged Illegal Bingo Games

Law Enforcement Authorities shutdown the 49er club located in Clearfield on Thursday because the owner is allegedly running a gambling den instead of a social club for bingo players.

The owners, a husband and wife duo, stayed out of sight in the backroom while police authorities raided the entire club. Authorities said that the owners are cooperative with investigators because the two said that they want to get out of the business.

Authorities said that it was really a good business, which has solid market base and revenues as high as $50,000 a month. The club attracted players of all ages.

Customers would usually pay at the door for food and games the whole night. But in truth, clients were playing bingo and the cards and only a little amount for a very meager meal. Most of the money really goes into the jackpots.

Undercover agents have been observing the club for almost a year and a half before the raid. The club pays out individual winnings which amounts to more than 1,000 dollars. For now, until the investigation is over, the business will be closed to the public. Authorities are also looking over the possibility that several more bingo halls are also in operation in the Salt Lake Valley.

Police said that the tip come from people who are angry after losing money