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Big Ben bingo

Essential Equipment to Play Bingo

Interested to play bingo? Bingo is a fun social game and so prepare those bingo cards, call on your finds and enjoy. Wonder what things you will need to play Bingo? What are the bingo supplies needed? Here is a guide to help you in buying bingo equipment so you can go on and play this classic game.

In a bingo game, the most important ingredient is the bingo cards. In buying bingo cards, you can go for sheets of paper bingo cards or hard bingo cards. Paper bingo cards have some terms such as 3 on 5 up. That means 5 sheets of paper with 3 bingo cards. The hard bingo cards are more expensive than the paper bingo cards. The good point with hard bingo cards is that it can be used several times without being worn out. On which to which are better for your purposes, that depends on you.

Then we go to bingo balls. These are those things that carry numbers. Bingo balls come in different sizes and price. A set of bingo ball can go from $15 to $250. Purchase one along with your budget and preference. Just make sure that ones you bought fit the cages or bingo blowers perfectly.

Next, we need something to contain our bingo balls: namely the bingo cage. You use a bingo cage in drawing the bingo balls randomly. Some say this is the most costly bingo supply you need to buy. The price ranges for bingo cages are at $60 to $200. Well, if you have a really big, big budget for bingo equipment, you may like bingo ball blowers that cost around a thousand dollars.

During the bingo game, it would nice to keep note of the bingo balls that have been called. And it would also be useful for bingo players to review the numbers called to check on their bingo cards. That is why you will need a bingo masterboard: here previously called numbers are written. A bingo masterboard could simply be a blackboard or a whiteboard where you can write the pattern for the win and the numbers that have been called. Usually masterboards come upon buying bingo ball blowers or bingo cages. In big bingo games, a masterboard could refer to the expensive flashboard.

You will also need something bingo players will use to mark their bingo cards. When you go shopping for bingo suppliers, you will learn about bingo daubers. Bingo daubers are small ink canisters used to mark any number on the bingo cards. Since bingo daubers render paper bingo cards not reusable for another game, others might go for bingo chips that are made of plastic and act like tokens to mark paper bingo cards or hard bingo cards. When you use bingo chips, paper bingo cards can be used over and over again until it is torn and worn with use.

So those are the basic things needed to start a bingo game. There are still other accessories you could add later maybe when you have the budget. But for now you're all set to throw a great bingo party.