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Big Ben bingo

Great Bingo Guidelines by Our Bingo experts

Guidelines for beginners:

1. Always be reminded that Bingo is a game of chance.

You should not forget about this rule, because some people think that the more cards they buy the more chances they have in winning the game.

At some point this gives us good advantage, but the truth is having more bingo cards can only help you increase your chance of winning bingo but it does not guarantee you that you will win the game.

If a game is a game of chance, you will depend more on luck and good vibes. So do not feel bad if you experience a bad beat, its part of every day's game.

2. If you are to play online bingo, never forget to check the customer service of the website.

A good online bingo website always has a visible and active customer service. If they have an invisible customer support then you can expect that their service is far from standard.

You can test their customer support by asking questions, their answer should be prompt and accurate.

3. Online bingo sites often ask their players to make a deposit first upon registration.

However, it is your responsibility to check the game before you make your deposits. You do not want to regret your actions later.

If there is no free play at the beginning, you are able to watch their game. Watch carefully and learn some strategies from other players before you decide that you will make your deposit.

You can also chat with old bingo players to ask them about the website, the service and the game. Make some friends that are able to give you tips and advice.

4. If you are Internet enthusiasts, you can decide for yourself if you want a downloadable bingo website or a non-download bingo game.

In choosing, you must be aware that a downloaded bingo game has more advantages compared to no-download bingo games.

5. The time and day that you will choose to play bingo can affect your chances of winning.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, choose playing on weekdays like Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. But if you want to see a huge amount of jackpots, choose to play during weekends, since during these days there are more people playing bingo.

6. If you are new to playing bingo, we suggest that you play not for money but for fun and experience.

Play bingo more because of fun and experience. And after sometime, you will get strategies from playing it, and then you can play for money.

If you lose, you do run after your money. This is a bad tactic to win bingo. You can never enjoy the game; if you feel stressed how can you win?